Friday, November 24, 2006

Texas Longhorns Football 2006 Game 11 Highlights - Kansas State

Colt McCoy came into this game with momentum from come-from-behind-wins and widespread Heisman hype. But when he left the game all that was left was a neck injury.
At the end of the first Texas drive, McCoy left the game with a neck stinger and weakness in his throwing arm.

Back-up quarterback Jevan Snead took over but struggled with consistency in what became a high-scoring shootout. After falling behind 21-42 in the third quarter, Snead found a groove and brought the team to within a field goal of victory. But wouldn't you know it, of all people, KSU's Jordy Nelson sealed the upset with his clutch play at the end of the game.

Longhorn nation was understandably upset. Just ask Doug Flutie. He made the mistake of saying that the Longhorns could only lose if McCoy got hurt.
After the game, he received threats by email for jinxing the Longhorns and their chance at a national title.

Texas - 42
Kansas State - 45

2006 Game Highlights:

Friday, November 10, 2006

Texas Longhorns Football 2006 Game 10 Highlights - Oklahoma State Cowboys

Texas played a solid game in their win against Oklahoma State on Saturday and Colt McCoy had a career-high 346 yards on 23 of 29 passing, but the Cowboys were beat by their own mistakes just as much as anything else. Penalties, bad coverage and questionable decisions allowed Texas to gain 510 total yards and the Cowboys never even had a lead to blow.

The Longhorn defense was healthy for the first time in several games and held OSU to just 203 total yards without allowing Oklahoma State an offensive touchdown.
Colt McCoy threw three touchdowns, passing Chris Simms and Vince Young for most touchdown passes in a single season at Texas with 27. With just three more he'll set an NCAA freshman record for most TDs in a single season.

Oklahoma State - 10
Texas - 36

2006 Game Highlights:

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Texas Longhorns Football 2006 Game 9 Highlights - Texas Tech

Like just about every other game this year, Texas weathered another strong opening effort from their opponents on Saturday. The Texas Tech receivers played lights out for two quarters, catching anything thrown near them, putting together their best half of football this season. But the Longhorn defense kept hitting hard and apparently that takes its toll.
The Red Raiders were shutout in the second half.

Then Colt McCoy stepped up and led the Horns to the second biggest come from behind victory in school history. The back-up-plan recruit that few thought would ever see the field made the difference in the game and showed any remaining doubters that the number of Dairy Queens in your hometown has almost no relationship to football prowess.

Texas - 34
Texas Tech - 31

2006 Game Highlights:

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Texas Longhorns Football 2006 Game 8 Highlights - Nebraska Cornhuskers

The Longhorns went to Lincoln, Nebraska for the third time since joining the Big 12. The first two games were nail-biting wins for the Horns and except for the snow, this one was no different.
The Texas defense has been banged up all year, but it turns out the bench is deep. Half full of freshman and back-ups, the defense dominated the Huskers and helped deliver another big win on the road.
Still, it predictably came down to kicking and turnovers. The wet ball led to seven fumbles with Texas recovering six of them (especially good since five of them were by Longhorns.) And hobbled starter Gregg Johnson missed two field goals and an extra-point before his injury forced him to the sideline. So the the game-winning kick was left to a walk-on with no previous game experience. In the final seconds of the game. In Lincoln.

Hook 'em.

Oh yeah, and Vince was there.

Texas - 22
Nebraska - 20

2006 Game Highlights:

Friday, October 20, 2006

Texas Longhorns Football 2006 Game 7 Highlights - Baylor

After last week's big game in Dallas, Coach Brown asked his team to play like it's the first game of the season... and in many ways, they did.

Baylor cornerback C.J. Wilson predicted an 'I-35 Surprise'. So on their first two drives, Baylor burned the shorthanded Texas defense and came away with two quick scores. Texas, on the other hand, needed four drives before they were able to come up with their second first down.
The first quarter ended with Baylor ahead of Texas 10-0. Surprise.

Texas opened the second quarter with a TD and went on to an easy win in an ugly blowout. The defense hit hard and scored twice on five turnovers, Colt McCoy threw for a school-record six touchdowns earning him the Cingular All-America Player of the Week Award, and Jermichael Finley turned a would-be interception into another spectacular touchdown.
So there was plenty to be proud of, but in the end it's hard to ignore the fact that Baylor scored more points against the Longhorns than Ohio State.

Baylor - 31
Texas - 63

2006 Game Highlights:

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Texas Longhorns Football 2006 Game 6 Highlights - Oklahoma Sooners

The Texas Longhorns went in for halftime of the 101st Red River Shootout down 10-7.
Most accounts describe Mack Brown in the locker room as at least annoyed. He challenged the players and offensive coaching staff to play a more agressive game.
"We told our team we can either do the same thing we did against Ohio State and get beat by a really good football team, or we can answer and have more fun. To these guys' credit, that's what they did."
I'm sure it sounded all different at the time.
Either way, the team responded. In the second half, the Texas offensive line showed why its considered one of the best in the nation. They wore down the OU defense, opened up ample room on the ground (Texas gained 10 yards on two quarterback sneaks) and paved the way for two spectacular touchdowns through the air. And if the offense got rolling in the second half, the defense absolutely dominated. Punishing any Sooner unfortunate enough to touch the ball, Texas forced five turnovers and held OU scoreless in the half. Bob Stoops and the Sooner Nation cried foul, but somehow after their loss to the Ducks it sounds more like wolf.

And while Adrian Peterson may have lost the Heisman on Saturday, Aaron Ross staked his claim on the Thorpe Award as the best defensive back in the country. He was named the national defensive player of the week by the College Football Writers Association.

Texas - 28
Oklahoma - 10

2006 Game Highlights:

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Texas Longhorns Football 2006 Game 5 Highlights - Sam Houston State

Oklahoma had the week off with the big Texas-OU game in Dallas just seven days away. Some would say that Texas also had the week off... but that would be rude.
For the first time since 1992, Texas had faced a Division 1-AA opponent in the Sam Houston State Bearkats.
The Longhorns took it as an opportunity to rest injured starters Selvin Young, Jamaal Charles, and Brian Robison and to fine tune the energized defense. Sergio Kindle had a game high 9 tackles, the defense forced five turnovers, and Texas had two special teams touchdowns.
Chris Ogbonnaya showed heart with some tough runs and Jevan Snead had a good showing completing a spectacular TD pass to Jordan Shipley early in the third quarter.

Sam Houston State - 3
Texas - 56

Friday, September 29, 2006

Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Award Spotlight - Mack Brown

Liberty Mutual's team of experts have created a new award called the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Award. It's a little like the AP Coach of the Year, except with a TV series and collectible trophy.
Fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite coach and the results will help determine which coaches will make it to the final two episodes.
Criteria include:
  • High level of professional competence both on and off the field
  • Commitment to the well-being and development of athletes
  • High ethical standards
  • Civic and charitable stewardship
You can vote for University of Texas coach, Mack Brown online and voters are eligible for a free trip to the 2007 Rose Bowl.
Vince Young will not be there.

The first episode of the TV series aired before the Texas-Ohio State game and featured both Mack Brown and Jim Tressel. This clip is the entire interview with coach Brown.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Texas Longhorns Football 2006 Game 4 Highlights - Iowa State

Iowa State came to Austin looking for the upset but didn't do much to actually slow Texas down. Good thing they brought the weather machine. After three quarters of play, capped off by a cool Jermichael Finley touchdown snatch, the Cyclones (defined as a violent rotating windstorm made up of red birds) needed a thunderstorm (an actual rain storm) to stop the 7th ranked Longhorns.
The started up again after a short delay (ABC didn't) but neither team scored again. I guess the storm kinda took the wind out of their sails.

Or maybe it was the injuries. Selvin Young, Jamaal Charles, Michael Griffin, Brian Robison and Matt Melton all left the game. They all escaped any serious injury, but Brian Robison's knee seemed especially grievous at the time. An emotional Robison fired up his team, pounding his chest and ordering his defense to fight as he was carted off the field.
They responded.

Iowa State - 14
Texas - 37

2006 Game Highlights:

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Texas Commit Matt Nader Ends His Football Career but Keeps His Scholarship - Interview Footage

Austin Westlake's four-star offensive tackle and Longhorn commit Matt Nader collapsed on the sidelines during last week's game in College Station. His heart had stopped beating. If it weren't for a portable defibrillator and the quick action of several people on the scene (turns out that every Westlake player has at least one parent with a medical degree) Nader might not have made it back to Austin.
But he's up and around again with a new internal defibrillator in his chest and a nifty scar to boot. And even though Matt has announced that his football career is now over, Mack Brown and the Longhorns still intend to honor his scholarship.
It's the kind of thing that makes you proud to be a Longhorn.

This clip is a collection of news reports about the incident along with a relevant moment from the broadcast of last week's game between the Longhorns and the Rice Owls.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Texas Longhorns Football 2006 Game 3 Highlights - Rice Owls

As a team, the Longhorns made real strides following the Ohio State letdown. The defense held Rice to -12 yards rushing and just 168 total yards. Tim Crowder alone had five tackles for losses totaling -20 yards. Selvin Young and Jamaal Charles each ran for over 100 yards. Colt McCoy was solid, Sergio Kindle hit the field and Jordan Shipley had a career game.
There was plenty to be happy about.

But then there's the matter of all those flags. Texas set a school record with 19 penalties. It didn't affect the outcome of the game but in addition to the 148 yards lost to penalties, the team also lost three touchdowns and a few highlight reel plays.

Texas - 52
Rice - 7

2006 Game Highlights:

Hey Rookie: Welcome to the NFL - Vince Young Version

Vince Young was featured on the ESPN reality show, Hey Rookie: Welcome to the NFL along with four other high-profile rookies. But let's be honest, who cares about those other guys?

So here's an all-Vince version for those of you without Tivos.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Texas Longhorns Football 2006 Game 2 Highlights - Ohio State

Nobody around here can remember a bigger game ever coming to town. When Troy Smith, Ted Ginn and the Ohio State Buckeyes rolled in, it was the first time the two top-ranked college football teams had ever met in Austin. Unfortunately Anthony Gonzales and James Laurinaitis also made the trip. Together, they handed the Longhorn their first defeat after 21 consecutive victories, avenging last year's 25-22 defeat at the hands of Vince Young and the National Champion team.

Texas played well overall. Even with a glaring mistake or two, the short-handed defense held a much stronger Ohio State offense to just about as many points as last year (when Texas boasted one of the most ferocious defensive teams in the nation.)
On offense, the Longhorns showed off a stout O-line and a strong running game, but it turns out that Colt McCoy is a freshman after all. But... a freshman with a big game under his belt, plenty of good play to build on, and a strong team that will just continue to gel.
The season has just begun.

Ohio State - 24
Texas - 7

2006 Game Highlights:

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Texas v Ohio State Media Circus / Preview Video & Earl Campbell's Legacy

Everything that can be discussed about tonight's game has already been discussed. Over and over, really.
#1 vs #2, Buckeyes invading Austin, covering Ted Ginn, the Texas defense, the Ohio State offense, Tressel wasn't lying, and of course Tarrell Brown, Tyrell Gatewood and their attorney, Skunk Baxter.
You can watch College Gameday (live from Austin) this morning to hear it all again.

Or, if you only have six minutes to spare, you can watch this collection of clips. Don't miss the end where Earl Campbell talks about how he'd like to be remembered.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Texas Longhorns Football 2006 Game 1 Highlights - North Texas

Nobody thought the Mean Green of North Texas could actually beat the defending champion Texas Longhorns, and they were right. If you gave UNT a touchdown for every first down they made, Texas still covers the spread.
Fans were happy to see Colt McCoy turn in a solid debut but really, it was the defense that dazzled.

UNT was held to just 8 yards rushing and only 95 total yards. 95. That's not even one whole football field.
Six Longhorn players each finished with more rushing yards than the entire North Texas team.

Colt McCoy seemed poised from the beginning with a 60-yard TD pass to Limas Sweed on just his third career snap. He completed 12 of 19 passes for 178 yards and three touchdowns while rushing for 38 yards and another touchdown.

Maybe everything will be okay after all.

North Texas - 7
Texas - 56

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Wait is Over & Life Begins Again - Pregame News Profiles

On Saturday morning the preseason chatter will be done.
Soon, the overanalysis will begin and the Ohio State chatter will overwhelm us all.

So please enjoy this one last spoonful of preseason anticipation. These news clips are packed with interviews and practice footage. There are profiles of the defensive line, the running game, the Griffin twins and of course, the quarterbacks.

Happy Game 1 Day!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Alright, I'm Ready for Some Football: Colt McCoy & Jevan Snead Talk Football - Godzillatron Takes a Shot

As the season opener approaches, all that's left to do is talk about the same things over and over again until game time. And the local news stations have been previewing the season by doing just that.
This is a pack of reports focusing on the Longhorn's quarterback situation. There's interview footage with confident freshman QBs Colt McCoy and Jevan Snead, as well as some words of wisdom from senior safety Michael Griffin.
Maybe it's me, but it looks like Colt McCoy might just have some fire in that belly.

At the end of the clip, in a disturbing piece of video, Fox 7's Joe Bickett expresses his dissatisfaction with the name Godzillatron.
But Godzillatron doesn't watch Fox 7 News and has never even heard of Joe Bickett. But when Joe Bickett reports from the field this year, Godzillatron will have the last laugh and poison his blood with ultraviolet radiation.
Because that's how big Godzillatron is.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jermichael Finley Looks to Make an Impact in '06 - THSCA All-Star Highlights

In 2005, the Longhorns were faced with replacing tight end Bo Scaife who finished his career at Texas ranked second among tight ends for receptions and third all-time in receiving yards. But David Thomas did just fine setting an all-time Longhorn record for TEs with 50 receptions in a season and finished as the all-time leader in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns.

Senior TE Neal Tweedie will likely top the depth chart this year, but with four years of eligibility remaining look for Jermichael Finley to get plenty of playing time and to emerge as a playmaker for his team.
At Diboll (TX) High School Finley was a four year starter at TE but also played wide receiver, defensive end, safety, punter and kicker. He was named first team all-district, and first team 3A all-state by the Texas Sports Writes Association.
Leading up to the 2006 season, Finley has impressed coaches, teammates and casual onlookers with his sure hands and great leaping ability. He's put on thirty pounds since high school and at 6'5" and 240 pounds, he has the size, speed and athletic ability to become the Longhorn's next great tight end.

These highlights from the 2005 THSCA All-Star Game should serve as a glimpse of what's to come.

UPDATE 8/28/06:
In related news...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Final Longhorns Practice News Coverage - Quan Cosby, Nate Jones and the D-line

This is the last collection of news reports from last week's pre-season practices. It includes pieces on the wide receivers Quan Cosby and Nate Jones. Both receivers are interviewed along with WRs Billy Pittman and Limas Sweed.
There's also a report on the defensive line that includes interviews with Brian Orakpo, Brian Robison, Frank Okam, Tim Crowder and Mack Brown.

You can find the first three collection of reports here, here and here.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Can Colt McCoy Really Lead the Horns? or: Is Colt the Best Texas 2A High School QB Ever?

Well we know he can swim, but can a guy from a 2A high school actually be the starting quarterback for the defending national champs?

Colt McCoy, from Jim Ned HS (Tuscola, TX), is the all-time leading passer in Texas 2A history and also ran 206 times for 1,575 yards (7.65 ypc) and 21 TDs. In his last two seasons at Jim Ned, Colt threw for 7,745 yards with 97 TDs (the 50 TDs in his junior year is an all time Texas 2A record). He was a two-time Associated Press 2A Offensive MVP and first-team all-state selection. The Texas Sports Writers Association twice named him to the first-team all-state team and made him the offensive player of the year after his senior year.
I'd imagine we'll know a whole lot more after the Ohio State game, but his impressive resume and these videos should bring comfort to even the most worried fan.

You can see from these Zapruder-quality high school highlights that McCoy is comfortable under pressure, he can throw with touch, he can scramble and he has the poise to consistently march his team down the field.

From the 2005 THSCA All-Star Game

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Longhorns Scrimmage & Fan Appreciation Day Video

Texas fans woke up extra early for the Longhorns' fan appreciation day and public scrimmage. Colt McCoy looked like the starting quarterback with two TDs in his two drives. He went 5 for 6 for 68 yards with a nice 44-yard pass to Limas Sweed. Jamaal Charles and Selvin Young each rushed for a TD and both backs looked sharp.
The offense looked good, but the defense looked downright fierce. CB Erick Jackson had the hit of the day when he leveled Billy Pittman while Pittman bobbling a quick pass. Jackson hit him so hard his own helmet flew up the field. Pittman still made the catch. And freshman safety Robert Joseph had a highlight-reel interception on a nice pass by Jevan Snead to Billy Pittman.

All of those plays are included in this collection from the day's news coverage which also includes a charming live interview with Kerry Campbell, father of Texas linebacker Jeremy Campbell.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Colt & Jevan Speak - Plus more Practice Camp News Coverage

Freshman players are usually off-limits to the media at Texas, but this year is already unusual. They team doesn't usually start the season as defending national champions and they don't usually start one with only two freshman competing for the starting QB job. So when Colt McCoy and Jevan Snead addressed the media on Wednesday, it seemed like a real story. Well, there have been several written reports and articles on the interviews but you'd have a hard time finding a quote longer than one line in any of them.
And the clip below is no different.
It's a collection of local news reports from the Longhorns pre-season practices. It includes interviews with Selvin Young and Mack Brown on reloading, Rashad Bobino and Brian Orakpo on the depth at defense, and Justin Blalock, Tony Hills and Kasey Studdard talk about the O-line. Greg Davis and Mack Brown are interviewed in the last clip to help augment the snippets of audio from Colt and Jevan.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jordan Shipley News Profile & THSCA All-Star Highlights

Jordan Shipley was one of the Longhorns top recruits in the class of 2004 out of Burnet (Texas) High School.
Ever heard of him? They say he's great.

He's suffered two season ending injuries (one for each leg) in 2004 and 2005. But he's still the most talked about Longhorn player who's never seen the field. And with good reason.
He was ready to play for the Horns right out of high-school after becoming the all time leader receiver in Texas high school history. Shipley caught 264 passes for 5,424 yards and 73 touchdowns. As a senior, Shipley caught 95 passes for 1,920 yards and 30 touchdowns. He was a two-time first-team 3A all-state selection and a 2004 Parade All-American, he is No. 2 all-time nationally in receptions and touchdowns. He once caught 13 passes for 250 yards in a high school game and scored by rush, reception, punt return and interception return in another.

Recent Profile on News 8 Austin

2004 THSCA All-Star Game Highlights

Monday, August 14, 2006

More Longhorns Camp News Coverage - Roosevelt Leaks Interview

Here's some more news coverage from last week's Longhorns practice sessions. This clip features interviews with Selvin Young, Jamaal Charles, Quan Cosby, Billy Pittman, Greg Davis and Mack Brown. It's a collection of news reports covering topics like practice in the summer heat, the running backs, the wide receivers, Tim Crowder's hometown connection to Earl Campbell, and a rare interview with Longhorns legend Roosevelt Leaks talking about his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Titans QB Vince Young Injured by Crocodile Tackle, Saints QB Hurt by Giant Raccoon & Injured Vince Whips Wildcats in 2003

Vince Young made his pro debut with the Tennessee Titans against Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints on Saturday. He gained 28 yards on four runs including three first downs. He completed four passes for 56 yards and threw a beautiful 83-yard pinpoint pass that was dropped by Roydell Williams.

Reggie Bush also had some highlights in his pro-debut, but as far as I'm concerned the second most interesting thing about the game was when T-Rac, the Titans oversized raccoon-like mascot, ran over Saints backup quarterback Adrian McPherson with a golf cart.
Now I know that any injury is terrible, but McPherson really had it coming. T-Rac caught him looking at his nuts.

While Vince ended the night without getting tackled by any muppets, he did send a wave of panic through the land when he went down with an ankle injury after a crocodile tackle by DL Javon Nanton. The injury isn't serious and he's not expected to miss any practice. Then again even serious ankle injuries aren't serious for Vince.
The last video clip is from Young's freshman year at Texas when he came in off the bench in a tight game against Kansas State. He played well but sustained the nastiest looking ankle sprain late in the third quarter. Kansas State then scored to take the lead but through sheer force-of-will, Vince Young miraculously recovered and led the Longhorns to a tough victory and become the heart and soul of the team for the next three years.
I know that might sound a little over-dramatized, but just watch the clip.

Titans/Saints Game Highlights & VY Injury Report.

Kansas State at Texas 2003

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Longhorns Open Practice - News Coverage Video

The Longhorns held two practices open to the public earlier this week. It was accompanied by a flurry of local news coverage. So for those of you from outside of the Austin area, here's a sampling.

Watch Mack Brown on The Best Damn Sports Show.

Mack Brown appeared today on Fox Sport's The Best Damn Sports Show Period. He talked about the Longhorns' victory over USC in the Rose Bowl for the national championship, the upcoming season and Vince Young's cow milking appearance on the show earlier this year.
It seems that Rodney Peete still hasn't exactly gotten over the fact that Texas beat his team in the Rose Bowl, but at least this time he comes up with something nice to say (that is until his underdeveloped sense of humor betrays his real feelings.)

Watch until the end of this clip to see Vince Young waving from the audience.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Is Sergio Kindle ready to play? I don't know, but I'm sure ready to watch him. - Video Highlights

Former Woodrow Wilson (Dallas, TX) High School RB/LB Sergio Kindle (6'4", 225 pounds) is the only player in Texas to earn all-state honors as both a defensive and offensive player. He'll play defense at the University of Texas, but in high school he was a difference maker on offense, leading his "perennial cellar-dweller" team to four straight playoff appearances. In his senior year he rushed for 2,298 yards (10.5 ypc) with 40 TDs and recorded 157 tackles with 36 TFL and one touchdown at linebacker.
He was named a first team All-American by EA Sports, USA Today and Parade Magazine and was awarded the Parade AFL Ironman award as the best two-way player in the nation. He was named the 4A Defensive Player of the Year by the Associated Press and the Texas Sports Writers Association, and has way too many state and local honors to be kept on one trophy shelf, much less for me to mention here.

Kindle was recruited by just about every major football program in the country, but he seemed to always know where he wanted to be.
"I didn't want to leave the state, and everybody in the country knows that if you're going to stay close to home, you pick the best school and that's Texas no doubt about it. I know that if our recruiting class sticks together, we're really going to have something special."
High School Highlights

Personal Profile

At the US Army All-American Bowl

Friday, August 04, 2006

Cedric Benson Injures Shoulder After ESPN Spotlight - Career Highlights

The day after ESPN featured Cedric Benson in a "Difference Maker" segment, the former Longhorn standout left practice yesterday on a cart with a shoulder injury. The injury doesn't seem too serious, but it certainly won't help Benson in his bid to earn the starting job for his Chicago Bears.
That's the focus of this ESPN piece that ran just before his injury.

This is a great collection of highlights from Benson's Longhorn career.

And his best runs from his rookie season in the NFL.

New Scoreboard Goes Up, Joe Jamail Statue Comes Down... and Whatcha Gonna Do About it Fatboy?

The THSCA All-Star game was held at Royal Memorial Stadium earlier this week. While there, I got my first look at the new scoreboard and I noticed something... It's really big.

When it's complete it will be the world's largest high-definition screen until later this year when a Japanese horse track proves that everything is bigger in Texas, unless you have more money to spend. You can't really blame them though, in Japan the horses are too tiny to be seen with the naked eye.
Either way, the new scoreboard will still be the biggest one that anyone I know has ever seen, and they say it'll be ready by September 2nd for the home opener against UNT.
The above picture is a live shot of the new scoreboard from the DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium Scoreboard Webcam, where you can also see a series of photos in time-lapse. This video shows a view from the stands with some shots of the construction area and the parts to be installed still in their giant boxes.

And this video shows that the statues of coach Darrell K. Royal and billionaire attorney Joe Jamail have been removed from the stadium. Gee, I sure hope somebody has cleared that with Joe. He can get kinda nasty when you cross him.

Just take a look at this video from a 1980s deposition where Jamail (off camera to the right) questions a former research scientist, loses his temper and then calls him fatboy.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hunter Lawrence Shows Grace Under Fire at the 2006 THSCA All-Star Game

As a kicker, Hunter Lawrence earned a rare scholarship from Mack Brown and might even earn a starting job as a true freshman. Over his last two years at Boerne (Texas) HS, Lawrence hit 87 of 91 PATs (%96) and connected on %73 of his FG attempts. He had 20 FGs (a Texas-state record) as a junior with a long of 48 yards, and 12 more as a senior (more than half of them over 40 yards) with a long of 49. He was a two-time all-sate selection and is considered by many to be the top high school kicker in the nation for the class of 2006.
Lawrence could be that rare impact kicker at Texas and help bring some needed consistency at the position for years to come.

He's a good student, he works hard to improve, and his high school coach Tommy Bludau has nothing but good things to say about him:
"He has a really strong leg and I think he's only going to get better, that's the scary thing."

"When we want to kick it deep, he gets it into the end zone consistently. He's got a really strong leg on kick-offs also."

"He really works to improve himself and in the spring he really works to get stronger. He's a great kid and I'm very proud of him."
At this week's THSCA All-Star Game, Lawrence boomed his kickoffs, hit all four extra points (one was even partially blocked) and in mid-scramble, got off a beautiful kick and placed it nicely down on the four yard line. He went on to nail a 41 yard punt into the wind with a hang time of four seconds and showed toughness while trying to salvage a bad snap with half a team of all-stars chasing him down.

You gotta love a kicker who can make the big play.

Can Jevan Snead Replace Vince Young? - High School Highlights

Going into the 2006 season, the top contenders to replace Vince Young as the Longhorn's starting quarterback are redshirt freshman Colt McCoy and the 6'3" incoming freshman Jevan Snead.
McCoy has the advantage of watching Young run the offense up-close for a season and he's already shown some off the field heroics, but Snead helped his case by enrolling early at the university and participating in spring practices. With an impressive high-school record, Snead was named to the 2006 Parade All-American team and was invited to the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp and the 2006 US Army All-American Game. In his last two years at Stephenville (Texas) High School, he threw for 6,571 yards with 67 TDs and also rushed for 1,384 yards with another 23 TDs. He completed over 60 percent of his passes, averaged 318 yards a game and went 23-2 as a starter.
These videos show off Snead's arm strength and quick release as well as his ability to run the ball.

Highlights from the 2006 US Army All-American Game.

His HS recruiting video.

Sunshine Preps video.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dustin Earnest (and 9 Other Future Horns) to play in the THSCA All-Star Game - 2006 Commit Recruiting Video

Former Texarkana linebacker Dustin Earnest will suit up in his Texas High uniform for one last game before he puts on his nearly identical Texas Longhorn uniform later this year.

Earnest will join nine other future Longhorns tonight in the THSCA All-Star Football Game at Texas' Royal-Memorial Stadium.

In high school he was twice an all-state selection and he was the district 12-4A defensive MVP as a senior. These highlights show his ability to close on a ball carrier and should serve as a preview of tonight's game (broadcast live on FSN.)

a Sunshine Preps video.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Vondrell McGee - High School Highlights Video - Longhorns Class of 2006

At 5'10", running back Vondrell McGee might not have lots of size but he more than makes up for it in good. During his last two years on a great Longview HS football team, he rushed for 3400 yards with 9.34 yards per carry. He received several MVP and all-everything awards. But what's most impressive is that he seems to have a knack for the big play at crucial moments.

Just ask Tyler's Robert E. Lee HS.
Take a look at these spectacular highlights and his performances against Tyler.

Junior and senior year highlights.

Two plays against Tyler Lee in 2004. The 1st tied the game, the 2nd won it.

Against the defending champs in 2005.

Friday, July 28, 2006

In Focus: The 2006 Rose Bowl

Fox Sports Net's new series, In Focus, uses classic photographs to illustrate its stories of famous teams, fierce rivalries and memorable moments in sports.

This is a nice look at the 2006 Rose Bowl narrated by interviews with players, photographers and journalists. It's a great way to relive the game and it also happens to be about that time in the summer when it's most appreciated.

This is a complete episode, so I'd watch it quick while it's still there.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ramonce Taylor Transfers from Texas but Leaves Highlights Behind

Ramonce Taylor has confirmed his decision to transfer from the Texas football team reportedly to Texas College in Tyler, Texas.
He's was suspended from the team in January for academic issues and was later arrested after police found four pounds of pot in his truck. Taylor's lawyer says that the drugs belonged to another passenger, but neither of Taylor's 'friends' are jumping up to claim the stash.
"I want to thank my teammates who supported me through these struggles," Taylor said in the statement. "I will be supporting all of them as they go for back-to-back national championships. They will always have a special place in my heart. I also need to thank Coach Brown for always being honest and never changing. He always treated me as a person and not just a football player. I'll always respect him for that."
Here are my favorite highlights from Taylor's short career as a Texas Longhorn.
2005 highlights

created by Brandon Michael Lee.

vs Oklahoma State 2004 & on stage with Mike Jones.