Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tray Allen - 2007 Verbal Commit OL Highlights Video

Texas has verbal commitments from six talented high school offensive linemen, but none more heralded then South Grand Prairie High's Tray Allen. The five star Guard/Tackle is 6'4", 305 pounds, and really good at pushing people and knocking them down. recently had this to say:
With one look at his great frame, solid movement and fantastic tools, it's hard to think of a better offensive guard prospect in the nation than Tray Allen... Allen is not just quick but strong as he maintains a 350-pound bench press and 555-pound squat... Plus, Allen has yet to hit his ceiling and will excel even more in a college program where he looks to put on pounds and improve his already impressive athleticism. The sky is certainly the limit for Tray Allen.
This highlights video is mostly from his junior year and it's a good one. At about a minute and a half into the clip, and then again at around 2:15, he knocks his guy down with some kind of axe-chop move.
I don't know if that move's legal or not, but it makes me laugh evrytime.

Sunshine Preps video

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

VIDEO - Behold John Chiles, the OTHER Texas QB recruit

This video has been floating around the internet recently, filling Longhorn fans with hope and joy.

His name is John Chiles, from Mansfield Summit HS in Arlington, TX. A 2007 QB/ATH recruit, Chiles committed earlier this year to play football with the Texas Longhorns and was recruited as a QB. But with QBs Jevan Snead, Colt McCoy and Sherrod Harris already on the team and the five-star John Brantley also committing to the Horns, the team is packed with top QB talent. Many think he'll end up at some other position to see earlier playing time, but just watch this video and try to count him out. had this to say in their Waco combine wrap-up:
Mansfield Summit quarterback John Chiles showed up at the camp and tested off the charts, running the third fastest time of the camp at a 4.39. Many wondered if Chiles would shine at the camp, because his style of play is better accentuated in a position where he can pull the ball down and run. However, with his off the charts test scores he showed his athleticism while proving that also had a killer arm.

I don't know where he'll end up playing, but I can't wait.

Sunshine Peps video

Friday, May 26, 2006

VIDEO - Vince Young on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The night after winning the National Championship with the Longhorns, Vince Young was a guest on The Tonight Show. He seems relaxed telling stories and joking with a heartbroken Will Ferrell and the segment ends with a discussion about whether or not he'd go pro. This clip is a time capsule or sorts--one of just four days when the Longhorns were National Champions and Vince was still a Longhorn.

This clip includes the parts of the monologue and Will Ferrell's segment referring to the Rose Bowl, followed by Vince's complete appearance on the show.

Jan 5, 2006

VIDEO - Longhorn QB Commit JOHN BRANTLEY Named to Elite 11 Roster

Trinity Catholic High School quarterback John Brantley has been named to the roster of the prestigious Elite 11, a camp/competition for the top quarterbacks in the country. Brantley will be the third Elite 11 quarterback to go on to play for the Texas Longhorns, joining freshman QB Jevan Snead and former QB Vince Young.

You can see a video of Brantley talking about his commitment to the Horns complete with highlights here. Just press play on the realplayer console on the front page.

Brantley's Celtics will play Clearwater Countryside in it's annual Spring Game tonight. That can be heard on ESPN's WMOP live on the internet starting at 6:00 CST.

Here are some highlights from Brantley's junior year at Trinity Catholic High.

Thanks to Sunshine Preps for the video.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

VIDEO - Vince Young at Titans Minicamp

This is ESPN's report from the Tennessee Titans minicamp showing Vince Young on his first day in the NFL.
Both Vince and Titan's head coach Jeff Fisher are interviewed.

Wanna Buy a National Championship Ring? Free Shipping!... Well, Too Late.

A University of Texas National Championship ring showed up on eBay this weekend with a $10,500 reserve and a buy-it-now price of $20,000. Early this Wednesday morning the seller ended the auction early citing a mistake in the listing.

The seller claimed that the ring once belonged to a former player (mentioned it six times) but that only the buyer would learn that player's name.
The auction peaked the interest of almost everybody. Even the Texas athletic department is looking into it. It turns out that it would be a violation of NCAA rules for a current player to receive money for the ring.

In my investigation, which ended moments ago, I discovered the following facts:
  • The hand in the pictures is wearing player's gloves.
  • This auction was this eBay user's first as a seller.
  • Judging from the user's previous purchases, he was into Magic: The Gathering and other such card games for quite a run there in 2004.
  • The seller was awake to end the auction between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. CST (probably playing Magic).
Conclusion: It's Vince Young. Case closed.

To see VIDEO of the ring presentation, look here.
Here's a cache of the auction page as it looked while it was still active.

UPDATE 5/24/06: A new listing popped up today with a revised page design (cached version). This time the seller added that, "This is NOT the ring of a player who may have been dismissed from the team!!!"
I wonder who that could be?
Either way, once again the auction was ended early by the seller, this time claiming that the ring is no longer available for sale.
Each of these auctions cost the seller $55.40 in non-refundable listing fees. So it's someone with at least $110 to spend.

Again... points to Vince Young.
Believe me, I'm a very good detective--I've watched lots of Matlock.

Here's another video of the ring presentation:

VIDEO - Texas A&M Cavalry Man Flings Poo on Longhorn Band

Remember the Aggie Pooper Scooper who threw a shovel full at the Texas Longhorn Band at the game last November?
Well, what seems to be the first actual video of that moment recently surfaced on YouTube. John Richmond Sullivan, a member of Texas A&M's Parsons Mounted Cavalry (in the division that marches behind the horses with shovels while wearing, I swear to god, brown uniforms) is clearly seen scooping a shovel full of horse and flinging it over his head, splitting the band with a wave of his staff like Poo Moses.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

VIDEO - George Bush Decides the Longhorns are Real Quick

In honor of their victory over USC in the Rose Bowl, President George W. Bush invited the Texas Longhorn football team to the White House to heap praise and one-liners upon the national champions.

Highlights of this video include Bush bantering with strength coach Jeff "Mad Dog" Madden, improving with Coach Mack Brown and joshin' around with Rose Bowl MVP Vince Young.
Also, my favorite Bush quote and new email signature, "This was a team that -- great power, great finesse. They were real quick."

I've thought about those two or three sentences more than you think and I'm confident that no matter what he means, it can't be questioned.

If, for some reason, you want to read along with this video... here's the transcript.

Feb. 14, 2006
Washington D.C.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

VIDEO - Vince Young ESPN Interview Before the NFL Draft

Two days before the 2006 NFL Draft, Vince Young was on ESPN's Draft Special talking about pre-draft rumors, questions about his ability, and how he'll make the transition to the NFL.

Trey Wingo opens the piece by saying, "There is one thing you can say about Vince Young with great certainty--there is a wide diversity of opinions about him."
After the interview, he says, "One thing you can say about Vince Young without question--he is a solid citizen and a humble man."

Now everybody knows... Trey Wingo can't count.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

VIDEO - Happy 23rd Birthday Vince Young

May 18, 1983:

A longhorn is born.

The golden child's parents hid him away from the evil pharaoh Okie II, who had set out to slay every Texas-born male child under the age of three.
But alas, the prophecy could not be avoided and eighteen years later (to the day) he became a longhorn.
I can't find a good link, but that's pretty much exactly how it happened.

So to celebrate Vince's first birthday as a millionaire, please enjoy these highlights from his freshmen and sophomore seasons as a Texas Longhorn.

Also see The Horns Sound and The Texas Passion.

VIDEO - Kobe Bryant Decides not to Hit Charles Barkley on the Head

Last night during TNT's Detroit Pistons/Cleveland Cavalers halftime show, Kobe Bryant made an appearance to confront Charles Barkley over his comments about Kobe quitting and his selfishness during the LA Lakers playoff series with the Phoenix Suns. Following a heated text message exchange, Kobe faced the fire and explained his play in the series leaving Barkley with little to say.

My favorite Kobe line, "Well I'm not gonna jump over the table and lump him upside the head or nothin like that."

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

VIDEO - Texas Longhorns Spring Preview 2006 on ESPN

ESPN took a look at the Texas Longhorn football team at the end of the 2006 spring season. Mack Brown and Greg Davis break down film of freshmen quarterbacks Colt McCoy and Jevan Snead.
Brown and Davis focus on how either quarterback will replace Vince Young.
I focus on how Vince Young is no longer a Longhorn.

Anyway, I've watched this nearly a dozen times now and I'll never understand how both coaches make it through the whole clip with out even once screaming or crying.
Tell you what, those Texas coaches are special people. They're worth every penny they get.

Friday, May 12, 2006

VIDEO - UT Football Spring Game 2006 - News Clip

Vince Young is gone. But this helps. kinda.

For those outside the Austin area, here's a news segment that aired a few days before the 2006 Spring Game.
It shows Jordan Shipley making a spectacular catch on a throw from Jevan Snead and Darrell Royal being presented the symbolic national championship trophies commisioned by the Mack Brown and the Texas Longhorn football team.