Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The 2006 NFL Draft Highlights... If You're a Longhorns & Titans Fan

Is it me, or has the coverage of NFL Draft become completely ridiculous? Well, just watch this video and try to disagree.

It starts with a murderously long intro sequence in which ESPN gathers the finest athletes in the country, and then humiliates them on TV.
That's followed by a montage of the top picks highlighted by Vernon Davis crying and Matt Leinart trying not to.
But for my money, the best parts are the interviews with LenDale White from his living room and then with Vince Young in Nashville just after arriving on Bud Adams' private jet.

If you happen to be a Texas Longhorns fan and a Tennessee Titans fan, this version of the draft is like having a magic TiVo that knows exactly what parts you want to see and makes you wait two months to see it.