Friday, July 14, 2006

DKR War Memorial Stadium Decommissioning Ceremony - Frank Denius Interview

Members of the Veterans committee for the Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial football stadium held a brief military decommissioning ceremony for the memorial in the north endzone. The plaques were removed and will be stored until a re-commissioning ceremony, when reconstruction is complete in 2008. When all is said and done, the stadium expansion will feature a veteran's plaza.
Frank Denius, a UT benefactor and Veterans' Stadium Committee chairman, presided over the ceremony. Denius landed on Omaha Beach during the Normandy Invasion in World War II and was awarded four silver stars for his ridiculously distinguished service in the US Army.

This News 8 Austin clip shows the decommissioning ceremony and features an interview with Denius who got a national championship for his 80th birthday on January 4, 2006.