Friday, August 04, 2006

New Scoreboard Goes Up, Joe Jamail Statue Comes Down... and Whatcha Gonna Do About it Fatboy?

The THSCA All-Star game was held at Royal Memorial Stadium earlier this week. While there, I got my first look at the new scoreboard and I noticed something... It's really big.

When it's complete it will be the world's largest high-definition screen until later this year when a Japanese horse track proves that everything is bigger in Texas, unless you have more money to spend. You can't really blame them though, in Japan the horses are too tiny to be seen with the naked eye.
Either way, the new scoreboard will still be the biggest one that anyone I know has ever seen, and they say it'll be ready by September 2nd for the home opener against UNT.
The above picture is a live shot of the new scoreboard from the DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium Scoreboard Webcam, where you can also see a series of photos in time-lapse. This video shows a view from the stands with some shots of the construction area and the parts to be installed still in their giant boxes.

And this video shows that the statues of coach Darrell K. Royal and billionaire attorney Joe Jamail have been removed from the stadium. Gee, I sure hope somebody has cleared that with Joe. He can get kinda nasty when you cross him.

Just take a look at this video from a 1980s deposition where Jamail (off camera to the right) questions a former research scientist, loses his temper and then calls him fatboy.