Sunday, September 10, 2006

Texas Longhorns Football 2006 Game 2 Highlights - Ohio State

Nobody around here can remember a bigger game ever coming to town. When Troy Smith, Ted Ginn and the Ohio State Buckeyes rolled in, it was the first time the two top-ranked college football teams had ever met in Austin. Unfortunately Anthony Gonzales and James Laurinaitis also made the trip. Together, they handed the Longhorn their first defeat after 21 consecutive victories, avenging last year's 25-22 defeat at the hands of Vince Young and the National Champion team.

Texas played well overall. Even with a glaring mistake or two, the short-handed defense held a much stronger Ohio State offense to just about as many points as last year (when Texas boasted one of the most ferocious defensive teams in the nation.)
On offense, the Longhorns showed off a stout O-line and a strong running game, but it turns out that Colt McCoy is a freshman after all. But... a freshman with a big game under his belt, plenty of good play to build on, and a strong team that will just continue to gel.
The season has just begun.

Ohio State - 24
Texas - 7

2006 Game Highlights: